Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Make Your Own Pebble Steel Smartwatch Charging Cable

Salam Alikum,

I have recently got myself a PebbleSteel smartwatch.  I am really loving the watch as it looks very elegant and allows me to keep me informed with notifications about emails, calls and others without having to keep looking at my phone all the time. I preferred it to other smart-watches like Motorola 360 and Samsung gear since this one comes with an e-paper display that results in a longer battery life which can reach 7 days between charges.

The watch came with a USB cable that attaches it self to the watch by a magnet while charging, Unfortunately I lost this cable few days ago and my watch went of battery charge today. Looking for some cable replacement online I have found its price to be in the range between 10$-15$ !! and it will take a few days to arrive. So, I started to look for solutions about how to make own Pebble Steel Smart-watch charging cable.

Here is how I converted an old micro USB cable into a pebble watch charger, it may be useful for you in case of emergencies but

Step 1: Cut the USB cable end connector to expose the wires as shown

The USB cable has four wires (Red, Green, White, Black) as shown:

Step 2: We need two wires to charge the pebble watch: Red wire (+5V), and Black wire (GND).
Connect those wires to the Pebble charging connection points and use stick to fix it.

IMPORTANT: The polarity of the wires should be that the red wire (+5V) is to the bottom of the pebble, while the black wire (GND) is to the top (towards the backlight button).

I hope it can help you for charging your pebble in case of emergency, but be careful while doing it and use at your own responsibility.

Those links helped me in finding out the solution: